In 2012, Hannah Dawson Equine ran the world’s first Equine Clicker Conference.  We were into our third year as a company, dedicated to teaching horse owners reward-based training methods. We were discovering other interesting trainers who were developing their approach too. We wanted to bring everyone together to pool ideas and find mutual support. We also wanted to bring horse owners who were also developing the use of clicker training with their horses. We valued their ideas and experience too, in order to help create connections and friendships.

But before I go on – who are “we”? (Don’t you hate anonymous “about” pages? I do!)

Hannah Dawson is one of the presenters at the Conference and is an experienced trainer and teacher, both live and on-line (through her Clix College). Her assistant is Helen Gilbertson, who does most of the IT, graphic design and marketing support. I am Rachel Bedingfield and I do business development and take the lead in organizing the Equine Clicker Conference. We are based at my farm in the Yorkshire Dales, Northern England. the-team

So, our first Conference was  a massive success. Around 100 delegates enjoyed eight brilliant presenters. The Conference provided a great platform for bringing ideas together, some contradictory and some complimentary. I certainly changed my practice as a result and I reckon many other delegates did too.

Such a success had to be followed up, so we’re back again, even bigger! This year we will have more live horse demonstrations and have expanded to two full days. We have seven presenters who will look at practice in more depth, including the ethological and emotional context of the whole horse. We are also looking at training and learning from other species to gain form their longer and wider experience.

And finally, the most exciting thing! This year we are running the world’s first ONLINE Equine Clicker Conference! This month-long event will feature all the presenters from the Live Event and will give delegates a much fuller experience, as we can continue the discussions, amplify and process the information and build on all the connections we make on the weekend. We can then include all the people who cannot get to this year’s Conference creating a truly global, connected community. Together we can make the change in horse training that horses need humans to make.

And make their lives better… forever!