Equine World of Clicker Training

by Jelena Kallay, Vagabond Positive Animal Communication, Croatia. I had an amazing opportunity to  attend the second Equine Clicker Conference in England. I came back home with fully charged batteries and full of positive thoughts. I am pretty sure I

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Time Together

by Alexandra Kurland I have a new favorite morning activity. I recently built a storage box for hay under the barn stairs. Now that all the doors are open for ventilation, it means that I can store a bale of

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New Venue for the Live Demonstrations

We have a last-minute change of  venue for the demonstrations at the start of the Conference next weekend. We are really pleased that our  friends at Field House Equestrian are letting us use their indoor school and lovely training room.

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Shawna’s Tea Time Treat! by Helen Gilbertson

Apparently while in North Yorkshire last week, Shawna just had to have Afternoon Tea at our local castle. So of course I just had to join her. I took my opportunity, in between cucumber sandwiches and clotted cream scones, to

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From Parrots to Ponies…it’s all Positive!

What can training parrots teach you about training horses? Typically, parrots are considered to need to be dominated and physically controlled. Dr Susan Friedman has been systematically challenging these myths for many years, bringing in science and ethology to the

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How does my horse feel…

 … and why does it matter? by Dr Helen Spence Much of the training I’ve been doing with my homebred mare Rosie has been without tack. She has learned to come when I call her, to stand by the gate for

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Let the Games Begin

Want to see the best in equine clicker training? Follow the entries in the World  Clicker Equine Games. Or even better, get out your video camera and join in! In this video, Helen from Hannah Dawson Equine  explains the classes and shows

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Hop, Spin & Jump – Shawna Trains Them All!

Shawna Karrasch will be leaving California in a couple of weeks for her UK tour, culminating in appearing at our Conference. In this interview with Rick Lamb, (presenter of TV programme, “The Horse Show“) you will see Shawna working with

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Travelling Light: Reef Learns to Love Loading

Poor baby Reef had some tough times as a foal and all his travelling was associated with vets and pain. Not surprisingly, then, he became terrified of loading  and his owner turned to Jenni Nellist for help. In this video

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Ne’er Cast a Clout ‘Til The May Is Out! ~ Rachel Bedingfield


Which roughly translates as – keep your thermals on until the may (hawthorn) blossoms. Although many people think it is the month of May the saying refers to, as the hawthorn is known as “May Blossom”, for the month it

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