Hop, Spin & Jump – Shawna Trains Them All!

Shawna Karrasch will be leaving California in a couple of weeks for her UK tour, culminating in appearing at our Conference. In this interview with Rick Lamb, (presenter of TV programme, “The Horse Show“) you will see Shawna working with her own horse Mint, showing how she uses targeting to teach jumping, leading, spins and more behaviours.¬†Watch out for Mint’s convincing hop…now that could confuse the vet and get him a day off school!

I was interested to hear her say that she sees the clicker as “just a small element in a much bigger picture”, which is undoubtedly true, Sometimes I wonder whether we should even refer to this kind of training as “clicker training”, or ourselves as “clicker trainers”, and even what we should call this Conference! However, for me, apart from being the best gadget in my tack box, the clicker is now highly symbolic in expressing the positive reinforcement approach. This will undoubtedly be one of the discussion points at the Conference…to what extent is a clicker necessary for being an excellent clicker trainer?

Shawna will be demonstrating her approach live at the Conference. Watch her videos and read her blogs at www.shawnakarrasch.com.

Rachel Bedingfield

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2 comments on “Hop, Spin & Jump – Shawna Trains Them All!
  1. Jo Ellen says:

    It’s wonderful that I can watch this video and see so much more every time. Latent learning at work.

  2. Lelandpj says:

    Just loved Mint’s abilities! Great trainer!

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