Online Conference Programme

Here’s the exciting programme for the Equine Clicker Conference ONLINE!  We’re really excited to bring together material from such a range of positive reinforcement trainers!

December Offer! Get access to all the material until the end of the year HALF PRICE! Only £47.50!


Online Conference Programme

October 2013

This is the programme of video material which was released for the Online Conference. The first week covers the material presented at the Live Event. The remaining material has been released for the Online Conference only.
The videos will remain available for you to watch at your leisure until 31st December 2013!


Recorded presentations and demos from the Live Conference
Material released to the online conference only
Live Sessions such as Webinars or Q&A sessions, led by a speaker

Week 1

Monday 14th

Hannah Dawson – Live Horse Demonstration
Shawna Karrasch – On Target Training

Tuesday 15th

Alex Kurland – Live Horse Demonstration
Becky Chapman – The Hand That Holds the Clicker

Wednesday 16th

Shawna Karrasch – Live Horse Demonstration
Hannah Dawson – Tailored Training

Thursday 17th

Jenni Nellist – From the Horse’s Mouth
LIVE Q&A SESSION with Hannah Dawson 8pm BST London Time

Friday 18th

Kay Laurence – Precision Teaching, Precision Understanding, Precision Application
LIVE Q&A SESSION with Jenni Nellist 7pm BST London Time

Saturday 19th

Alex Kurland – The Complete Clicker Trainer
Kay Laurence – Clicker Revolution

Week 2

Monday 21st

Helen Spence – Show Me Some Emotion
LIVE Q&A SESSION with Shawna Karrasch 6pm PDT Los Angeles Time

Tuesday 22nd

Inge Teblick – Myth Understandings
Aoife Stephens – It Just Clicks! Positive Reinforcement in Horses
LIVE Q&A SESSION Helen Spence 8pm BST London Time

Wednesday 23rd

Peggy Hogan – Matching to Sample
Rachel Bedingfield – Panksepp’s Emotional Systems in My Herd

Thursday 24th

Helen Spence: Emotions and Learning – First Steps with the Clicker and What Type of Foundations We Choose to Lay
LIVE WEBINAR: Susan Friedman “Shifting the Training Paradigm with Behaviour Analysis” 12pm Noon Mountain Time

Friday 25th

Shawna Karrasch (with Hannah Dawson) – A Focus on Attitude when Introducing A-B’s
Robert Sapolski “Limbic System” (To be followed by a LIVE Q&A session with Jenni Nellist on Monday 28th)

Saturday 26th

Aoife Stephens – Insight in Horses
Hannah Dawson Over-coming over-arousal: A Practical Case Study

Week 3

Monday 28th

Peggy Hogan – Scent Work
Peggy Hogan – Using Scratching for Reinforcement in a Young Horse

Jo Hughes – Freedom of Choice in the Performance Horse
LIVE DISCUSSION SESSION lead by Jenni Nellist on Robert Sapolski’s “Limbic System” Video

Tuesday 29th

Inge Teblick – Theory of Fun
Lesley Holehouse – Training Tips from a Hoof Trimmer

Wednesday 30th

Nikki Chamberlain – Comparative Study of Training using Positive and Negative Reinforcement
Hannah Dawson: Introduction to Tai Chi Riding

Thursday 31st

Mary Hunter: How Does a Reinforcer Reinforce?
Charlotte Harmer: Why Taking Your Dog for a Walk Can Help Your Hacking – Canine Solutions in an Equine World
LIVE Q&A SESSION Inge Teblick 8pm CEST (Brussels Time)

Friday 1st November

Shawna Karrasch – Horse Lessons From Marine Mammals

6 comments on “Online Conference Programme
  1. Dear all
    Am interested in registering for the on-line event, but it is slap bang in the middle of some time I had planned away and I would like to miss the minimum of the webinairs possible … what are the actual dates of your “week 2″ as there is only one webinair in that week?

    many thanks

  2. actually, don’t worry, I’ve just worked it out! Thanks :-)

  3. Monique says:

    Hi there, Sorry I haven’t figured out how this runs over the 3 weeks. Is it 3 weeks full time? Or 1 day per week? Could you advise how this would work please.
    Kind regards
    Monique Masoe

    • admin says:

      Hi, over the three weeks, we’ll be releasing one or two videos/articles per day. In addition there will be times for specific seminars/webinars and when presenters are avaialbe to chat live on the forum. So you’ll be able to watch the videos when it suits you and can arrange to attend the live events which interest you. We plan to schedule the live events to suit the presenter’s time zone which we wthink will make it fair for everyone.

      The forum is open already and that, and all the presented materials will be open until December 31st when we’ll close the site. That way we hope that everyone will get a chance to see everything and have lots of time to process and discuss.

      How does that sound?

      • monique says:

        Thanks for that Rachael

        what are the actual timings and dates for each event please?

        • admin says:

          We’ll be posting those nearer the time. However, all the presentations will be available to watch until the end of 2013, plus we’ll keep the forum open until then too. It will only be the live seminars which we you can attend which we don’t plan to record which will need you to be present at an exact time.

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